Amish Books

Amish booksToday people around the world are fascinated with the Amish. Amish books are one of the fastest growing categories of literature today. Unfortunately, most people who purchase Amish books – such as Amish romances – are getting cheated.  They think they are reading about authentic Amish life, but instead they are only getting what some outsider imagines Amish life to be like.

Authentic Amish Books

What we carry at are authentic books either written by the Amish themselves or by someone who intimately knows the Amish. So you won’t find any Beverly Lewis Amish romance novels here because they simply aren’t authentic. If you just want to be entertained by unrealistic portrayals of the Amish, there are plenty of websites and stores where you can find such books. However, if you want to learn about real Amish life or to be entertained by Amish fiction that is authentic, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our Amish books are divided into various categories, depending upon what you are seeking. Here are the categories we feature:

  • Amish Curriculum (from Pathway Publishers)
  • Amish Customs
  • Why the Amish Live the Way They Do
  • Amish Cooking
  • Amish Fiction: Ages 6 – 8
  • Amish Fiction: Preschool
  • Amish Fiction: Ages 8 -12
  • Amish Fiction: Teens and Young Adults
  • Amish Hymnals
  • Amish Devotional Works
  • Marriage and Parenting
  • Amish Books in German
  • Amish History
  • What the Amish Believe